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July 2008 



  Toyota cars made "IQ" test, which was described as the smallest luxury car wide enough for four passengers in the world, smart solution for mobility within cities.

The project aims to strengthen this car lifestyle owners, who are expected to be residents of cities, towns In an environment people want to express their personalities through the distinctive designs of their cars, while not losing sight of Madian internal spaces, operational, and low rates of emissions.

And reflect "IQ", of 2.98 meters in length only, on an entirely new concept in terms of design.

In terms of processing, they go beyond the current standards in the designs of small compact cars, through what is available from the area of internal accommodate four passengers, or three adult passengers with their luggage.

The official newspaper "Gulf" Emirate "IQ" affirms the commitment of "Toyota" to reduce emission rates by providing new and innovative ideas, while exacerbating the problems of traffic congestion in cities and the growing concern of the emissions of cars; made this car as a model for personal mobility, which guarantees the cleanliness of the environment in The future.

It contains the dashboard on the three-dimensional screen above the steering wheel, and include meters for measuring speed, and motor cycles, and fuel level, while there are keys to control audio and navigation system on the steering wheel itself.

It also provides a high-tech car traffic within the city, through the screen "GPS" in the upper level of consideration of the driver, who can vision through without any disturbance when extinguishing apparatus navigation.  digg  newsvine  furl  Y!  smarking  segnalo