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United Nations invited the world to deal seriously with global water crisis and commitment to the quest for access to face disadvantages of shortages, which become sharply in freshwater supply and quality, said a report recently issued by the World Programme to assess the water supply, serving under the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization ( UNESCO)
  The per capita share of fresh water has declined by one third during the two decades between 1985 and the year 2005, which might decrease by about a third over the next twenty years, and the report that half the population of developing countries are using contaminated water, and warned of the continuing daily flow of two million tons of waste water into streams Surface and freshwater lakes, stressing that 19% of deaths around the world resulting from diseases related to water pollution, which is harvested from victims that kill more than AIDS, die each year about two million, 200 thousand human diseases caused by water pollution. The report says that the water crisis surrounding the quantity and quality, which indicates a lack of political will for the sustainable management of water resources, pointing to the growing concern of wars over water, and affected between two billion and seven billion people from water scarcity even in 2050, according to procedures which will be taken from Political leaders.
Malnutrition and waste in irrigation
Connects assessment programme in the report which carried the slogan (Water for People, Water for Life), the shortage of water supply and waste on one side and malnutrition in developing countries on the other, pointing out that 70% of fresh water in some developing nations and 30% In all these countries consume in agricultural irrigation, which records in vain, at least 55% due to failure of tricks, while experiencing these developing nations alarming rates of malnutrition.

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