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It is well known that the Antarctic ice on the verge of disintegration due to greenhouse on the surface of the planet, the snow melts in the vicinity of the pole at a faster rate than the rate of accumulation of snow in the center. The rate of ice, which lost the South Pole between 2002 and 2005 between 72 and 232 cubic kilometres per year, equivalent to 70 to 220 twice annual consumption of drinking water to the inhabitants of the territory of Quebec.
In the past water was a prisoner in the continent is being attributed raising the direction of the sea, has led to higher melting estimated 0.4 mm annually in the ocean level product, or about 13% of the total increase observation.
Have been benefiting from terrestrial magnetic field accounts for a minute, regardless of which attract the land so heavily on existing rule under our feet, the more the land or beneath large, terrestrial magnetic field was stronger.
These differences can preview that we can not aware crane through the more sensitive organs, namely satellites, which revolve over our heads, which are slightly or much of the ground force of gravity, commensurate with the block passage by flying above it, and, accordingly adjust speed.
Draft Grace, a shortening of the Gravity Recovery & Climate Experiment, the developer with the help of the U.S. space agency NASA has allocated two industrialists need a UNU going in an orbit away from each other a distance of 220 kilometres, so taking one after the other at an altitude of 500 kilometers, and watch each other in a manner Mutual, if I faster in session, the second that the checks immediately, and vice versa. Can be measured differences of rank Micrometer in the distance between them, allowing the opportunity to infer mass flight.
The margin of error for the amount of 215 cubic kilometres of ice dissolved about 80 cubic kilometres per year, due to the uncertainty of the deep layers of bedrock under the ice of Antarctica in a bid to block the redistribution of the earth's crust, and thus disrupt the measurements taken.
Thus, it is certain that the Antarctic ice melts, and even if it is too early to resolve the matter, the rate of melting appears to be working to accelerate
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