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Finds astrophysicists that the sun was born for more than 5 billion years of huge gas ball, composed mainly of hydrogen and helium and other elements in small quantities (carbon and oxygen ...).
When the cloud collapsed to the same impact of foot-dragging, the more intensity and pressure in her heart became so powerful launched Mahaaltvaalat between hydrogen atoms, melted, formed helium.
Sun caught the young, and then swept the surrounding elements, Angzv lightweight (such as hydrogen and helium) far away to a distance of several astronomical units (astronomical unit equal to the distance between Earth and sun, about 150 million kilometers), while heavier elements have remained close. Here, already disagree these residues mixed with carbonated dust, and ended the day after thousands of years to form objects diameter is about 100 kilometers, which increased the intensity of these objects slowly, and increased whenever the temperature approached from the heart, and gathered around the heart in the process of melting components more volatile than others , And a means of Sash and gooey covered with a thin crust and colder than solid. And stepped up the lighter elements (water, gas) hit the roof, to make up the atmosphere as soon as possible attractiveness of the planet caught.
The numerical models indicate that inflation across the planet attracts more progressive rule, with effect from the mass equivalent of 10 to 15 times the land mass, but the article near the star is rarer than that launched this happening, so there are planets intensive and rocky and small, while That at a distance of more than 4 astronomical units, the light materials (hydrogen and helium) most prolific, and minimum temperatures, so the phenomenon is a cumulation of Aceh, as long as the material is available there.
Ultimately, if all the planets in the star away from hard core, like small planets, they were flown thick layer of coverage, could represent up to 95% of the mass, and this is what makes them with very large blocks, for example, the buyer hill twice the mass of 318 tied the ground.
In short, with the exception of the planet Pluto (Midget), the planets away from the star is heavier, but they consist primarily of gases.
However, since October 1995, were discovered about 200 new planet around other stars-sun, but most of the attributes astronomical stranger to such an extent that it is wrong to apply this scenario it.
In fact, astronomers have discovered what they termed the buyer warm planets Jupiter chauds, which is a huge balls of gas, revolves around the star over several days at a distance of parts of a percentage of astronomical unit, but this had to be reconsidering theory

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