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3/5/2008 Decrees issued on 24 and 25 Judges increase the wages and salaries for State employees and retirees, and for the same Decree 24 to raise the minimum wage and general minimum wage for workers in the private sector and cooperative and joint.
It has become the minimum wage for 6000. O, and stressed that the decree issued by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour in coordination with the Ministry of Finance will implement the resolutions increase, and for the same workers systems and micro-Dotting, firm and transformed, and the increase granted to employees and temporary agents, regardless of the duration of use, to be Adjust pay scales to the Basic Law according to workers this ratio.
Increasing wages is a significant positive step to cover part of the rise in prices of all foodstuffs and non-food items since the beginning in 2006 so far, up to 70%, this increase has coincided with the recent rise in prices of diesel and gas, petrol and transport fares. During the week after the decision to increase salaries and wages, rose also reaffirmed the prices of foodstuffs and non-food items, especially real estate prices are insane at rates greater than the wage rates increased recently.
Thus, if we find ourselves caught in a vicious circle, and the crisis continues, workers are demanding a new government in finding a solution to the issue of sudden price rises.
"The issue is not related to an increase in nominal wages from time to time that have not solved only part of the recurrent crisis to become wage figures in thousands of liras, and practically reduced their purchasing power in the domestic market. It is a new demand from the government in finding a solution to the issue of price controls, a task is not easy, but it has to be addressed, the matter requires the government setting rules and scientific and legal foundations to solve the ongoing crisis and linking wage rates, compounded by chronic unemployment crisis with the solution so far.
Major tasks before the government requires treatment to find a practical version of this issue crisis, first and foremost to achieve growth rate of 8% hoped for.
Despite the partial and relative development and increase overall production, which occurred in 2007 by 6.5%, which is a step forward compared with 2005 and 2006, but the workers did not feel the reflection of this development to improve the standard of living of their lives, unemployment did not decrease but increase per year after year And increasing the proportion of government deficit to hit 192 billion lire in 2007.
Through analysis of the cost of the opportunity to work, we find that the investment costs for projects covered by the 2005 and 2006 amounted to 24.250 billion Syrian pounds accommodate 6352 new jobs, meaning that the cost per job, equivalent to 7 million Syrian pounds, and that means we use high technology and imported at high prices, It then will increase unemployment

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