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Finally, after a long wait and Technology arrived to my home, and now we have a computer, and the great joy of the children of this amazing invention, which will enable them to learn and play at the same time. Thus began consecutive days, wakes up early in the morning to begin the game and continue into the evening. Every day when I return from my grandma had brought new electronic game and I hear them boast about the defeated enemies and achieving victories and compiling the most points.
Since we in the month of June, which is the month of childhood, we have to refer to the importance of play and fun for children, and dangerous at the same time.
There is no doubt that the phenomenon of playing on computers are everywhere, and most children spend long hours in front of computer screens to kill leisure and exercise electronic games. Many doctors warn of the dangers of these games psychologically, as may be directed towards violence and child murder, cruelty and isolation from family and others, also warned of risks of physical damage to the eyes of children and their bones and body parts due to sit wrong and other matters.
The question that I notify whichever is more dangerous to sit in front of the home computer, or playing in the street and face the risk of traffic accidents by increasing daily, both incidents motorcycle driven by young teenagers Mthoron excessive speed, or motor vehicle accidents accelerated? Or the risk of street children who phishing children to harm them? Or the risk of leaving the playing gravel and Dahlan and invented new games might be toying with fire and home furniture?
The problem was that our children are between two fires, but in my opinion should be given full opportunity for children to play and fun, provided that it does not lose control of the parents to continue to direct their children towards the Games useful, and participation with them in those games, and conduct dialogues, including the development of mental abilities. As well as the need to regulate times playing on the computer for hours a specific day, and make a break during the interval hours playing where the dining and drink and do certain movements and exercises that relieve muscular body, this one hand, on the other hand must work to provide alternatives appropriate for children's toys playgrounds, The halls and sports clubs and public parks equipped with all the appropriate games. And thus dispel the fear their parents and their children, and we believe all the requirements of the growth of children developed a sound and balanced approach to be eligible to bear the responsibility of the future
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