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May 2008 

Eyewear find you for everything that is lost!! 

Zaman loss ended the car keys and mobile phone, where Japanese scientists invented the smart spectacles remember the place in which the person or his bag keys or mobile phone or device Alaepod. They can glasses equipped with cameras and monitors and computer memory as well as to identify plants and unfamiliar faces, and the only drawback of course can not know where my glasses. 
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It is believed to Konyoshi professor from the University of Tokyo, which is considered the spiritual father of this remarkable innovation, these glasses will be a revolution in people's lives, especially those who suffer from the weakness of memory. The smart glasses containing a small camera to imagine everything seen for clothing and body retrieval filmed scenes in front of the Yemeni lentils. These glasses equipped with a small computer chipset is characterized by high intelligence of carrying backpacks, unable to identify the forms quickly.

And requires the use of these glasses curfew around the house or place of work for an hour or more and look at things that person wants to find it quickly. Each time the camera focused on one set of things such as keys or a mobile phone or wallet, and speaks on behalf of the user is the focus of the camera, it will register the name in memory device. When the programming of names, trying to reach the camera's name everything rests upon. Name appears in a small device to create images. If you are not able to identify the glasses thing resorting to guesswork, and if they erred in guesswork learn from its mistakes.

Can magsuot glasses in the future find the keys quickly, when spoken word keys, glasses examined in memory and presented another location and the projection screen. The team was able designed these glasses, in their presentation at the University of Tokyo, from programming and to identify 60 of the things that we use in our daily lives, including compact discs and the hammer and mobile phone. Professor Kjonyoshi believed that the invention will become a valuable tool to help the elderly. . 
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It might be useful also for Alzheimer's patients and other types of dementia. Also can be used as an aid in teaching and, when provided with appropriate programmes may allow using curfews in parks and identify the names of unusual plants and know their names immediately.

And help more sophisticated versions of these glasses people who find it difficult to remember the names of the people.

  This device does not devoid of flaws, it does not suit the people who insist on concealing things or movement, so it is difficult to know things that are in unusual places  digg  newsvine  furl  Y!  smarking  segnalo