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May 2008 

Google's evolution "Street Views" ... 

Underwent company Google to pressure the U.S. and made some amendments to the service of Street views - which allows users to watch pictures of nearby streets and buildings, cars and pedestrians, where the streets to wipe out landmarks such as Manhattan, New York and that initially, that this ban will be expanded gradually to include other regions famous. 
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The newspaper added that this initiative initially applied in the United States because of stricter privacy regulations, where this service a detailed picture of the streets and paintings of cars and trademarks, to reconsider the application in European cities like Paris, Rome and Milan. The spokesman pointed out that the amendment by Google on this service will take a little time, so that the company amend and control the images already available on the Internet.

Google confirmed that it offered the service since the maps for the first time there was no disagreement, even before the military institutions in America for example, the Pentagon, and privacy complaints from citizens are still few in number, however, the company decided to change its policies by agreeing to delete the object of paintings Cars at the request of the Pentagon.

Has raised widespread controversy and resentment over the malice of the defenders of privacy in the United States, where this service offering images of the streets near San Francisco, New York and Las Vegas, Miami and Denver to a heated competition between the various sites to monitor footage arose in embarrassing situations.

It is noteworthy that the service of Street Views used cameras on the roofs of cars found in many American cities to capture images of streets and buildings. And these images can be viewed by visiting the Google Map and then click on Street Views and then write the title to watch pictures of the site requested.  digg  newsvine  furl  Y!  smarking  segnalo