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May 2008 

The use of mobile phone while driving, do more than focus the driver??


Finally, science has proven what everyone knows, once the streets and control traffic when we see someone, or one of them .. It uses mobile phone while driving .. The issue is aggravated when the mobile phone equipped with Internet service and e-mail, without fail to serve the text messages that have come to most young people like addiction, which is difficult to cure. 
Recent studies have shown that the use of cell phones while driving impair the ability to focus to a very large ...
Recent studies have shown that the use of cell phones while driving impair the ability to focus to a very large .. If imposing that a young man in the twenty-year-old boy used his mobile while driving, the ability to focus equivalent to the capacity of the seventy-old man, what does this metaphor of a significant increase in traffic accidents and obstruction of unusual traffic especially at peak hours when congestion is at its peak.

This is not the only one of the semi-scientists who participated in the tests, the person who used her mobile phone while driving, walking, including during sleep. He adds that world, a Professor David Ferreira "professor of psychology at the University of Utah" campaign, saying that the loss of the ability to focus and inability to take the appropriate decision at the right moment, because of the use of the phone even for a few minutes, like a prompt progress in life, and in moments of jumping over half Century ago .. We can imagine the situation on the roads where there is more than a driver can not postpone the date until it reaches up to the desired location, or at least to stop his car at the right path if the international telephone calls can not be postponed.

It goes on saying that studies conducted in this regard have proved that the driver who uses the phone while driving is much worse than drunk driver. In a study published in the quarterly results of the Assembly of psychologists in America, it was pointed out that the use of phone while driving leads to the killing of 4600 people annually in the United States alone, in addition to injuring 530 thousand people.

The study showed that the user telephone while driving less than the other 18 per cent in case of responding to the car that was parking in front of him .. Ability to see the lights of red brake weaken by almost five. Also, by forcing the driver to brake the car used during the telephone talk, requires a much longer time than others (17 per cent) to restore the required speed, causing considerable obstruction to traffic. 
Certainly very focused markets Ante ...
Turning to study the handset, which allows the driver to use the phone without having to campaign, said that the danger is still present and also a high proportion .. Because the emphasis on choosing the same .. Speaking and hearing, which is to take the driver away from a focus on the road in front of him .. He viewed the road in front of him but he did not see what it is supposed to see because the mind quite busy.

In another study conducted by specialists at the University of "Illinois" on the phone usage while driving was reached similar conclusions but noted that the study was conducted on two categories of drivers: those who are the first between the eighteenth and twenty-fifth .. And the second for those between the sixty-fifth and seventy-fourth .. It transpired that the first category is much worse and more Lahore .. Despite the fact that everyone had committed many mistakes in the "discovery" of developments and road traffic to them and around them, as they needed more time than others to respond to these developments.

And despite the fact that drivers in the age of applicants who were keen to leave more than enough distance between them and the car ahead, unlike the drivers of the category of young people, most traffic accidents in which the youth party, caused by "storm" of the car, which led .. While most incidents of drivers second category (the elderly) are multiplying car from behind because of propagation of the use of brakes, even sometimes without any reason .. In addition to their fast speed of less than planned.

And ultimately show that the drivers of the second category of best young drivers .. Traffic accidents are a party that less .. They are less able than young people to focus and respond to developments in the road, but in turn more cautious, as they leave enough distance between them and the car ahead.  digg  newsvine  furl  Y!  smarking  segnalo