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April 2008 

 Any protection provided by the facebook for children?

She said the U.S. government, they agreed with famous social Web site, Facebook to add 40 new protection programme to the site to prevent the exploitation of young people employed by those who sexually harassing them. 

facebook undertakes to protect children from sexual abuse ...
The new regulations, according to the statement cnn prevent the culprits in cases of sexual abuse, from entering the site, and limit the ability of adults to communicate with minors and to add new tools to verify the ages and identities of real users.

He said the Attorney General in the state of Connecticut American Richard Blomnthal that "the agreement constitutes a new step in to protect users of social sites on the Internet of abusers, and exposure to inappropriate content."

He added: "We are entering a new era of online acquaintance, and this agreement is not final more advanced technology, with advanced methods of abuse and piracy, and increased attention to protecting children and minors."

It seemed site Facebook, used by about 70 million people, already in some of those changes, and work is under way to implement the other, according to officials at the site. He said the Attorney General to the jurisdiction of North Carolina that "social sites used by children, have a responsibility to ensure protection for these children .. We have signed an agreement with these sites to reject pornography and abusive." As quoted by the Associated Press.  digg  newsvine  furl  Y!  smarking  segnalo