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Jun 2008 

Camera in a bead of medicine!!!!

German scientists said they invent medicine tablets containing a small camera can be controlled and even disable them after swallowing patients, the researchers added that in markets such pills containing small cameras but can not be controlled, making them unsuitable for testing throat and stomach, which requires the introduction Telescope Internal thick as well.
He succeeded engineers in the company manufactured "Geffen Image" and the Israeli hospital in Hamburg and the Royal Institute in London, in addition to researchers from the German Fraunhofer Institute of Chemical Engineering in the development of biological control system, this camera.

Barrak said Falk charge of the team Fraunhofer "in the future doctors will be able to arrest the camera in the throat and moved to the top and bottom and heart and thus determine the angle at which they wish their presence in it", adding "we have developed a magnetic no larger than a chocolate bar and the doctor may maintained during the examination And therefore moved the patient's body towards the top or bottom while leaving the camera's internal movement of foreign  digg  newsvine  furl  Y!  smarking  segnalo