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Jun 2008 

Three Internet giants struggle ...

The Internet is like the sea when trying to swallow the small to large imposing domination and control over what is already the global Internet companies in particular the three giants Microsoft and Google and Yahoo, where each of them seeks to devour everything that is new in this area to sit on the throne of the empire of the Internet.
When the star Vis Bock in Brightness accelerated by three private companies Microsoft, which offered billions of dollars added to its Enterprise giant But every attempt failed not only to receive a fraction of the shares of the site versus 240 million dollars. However, in recent American analysts emphasized that there is a conflict between the new network "Vis Bock", which became the largest social network on the Internet, "Google" on the control of the Internet users.

This comes at a time when Microsoft is trying hard to make a deal with a new reservation face after failing to capture their "Yahoo", which is seeking these days to enter into negotiations to buy the "Vis Bock" the largest social network on the Internet in the world and used by About 70 million people. Analysts said that the number of servers owned Vis Bock estimated ten thousand server, explaining the direction of the management of the site to such a step that those additional funds could help the company to add fifty thousand new server which boomerang beneficial to users.

The company entered Yahoo is the scope of the game when the other company left the tempting offers that hit her in the recent period, and declared its intention to put forward new service is expected to convergence in great demand among users, is to allow users to manage all their personal information, with the possibility of exchanging Data with friends on the World Wide Web, as happens quite social sites.

The newspaper "La Stampa" the Italian daily electronic version, that Yahoo's goal behind this service is catching up with social sites such as the famous "Vis Bock", "Mai Space", where these sites allow the user to take full control of page in terms of personal presentation of personal data , Exchange photos and messages, which are, and make it available to all members of the network, is scheduled to put the new service by Yahoo in 2009  digg  newsvine  furl  Y!  smarking  segnalo