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Jun 2008 
Yahoo Messenger new ..

Yahoo launched a new improved version of its chat "Messenger 9.0 Beta", which allows the user to more effective communication with others. The addition of Yahoo improvements in the new version games such as multiple backgrounds and more accurate figures and photographs and a letter that appears below the user name, in addition to import address book and the possibility of adding the names of friends in the mail from Hotmail and Elji miles.
The new version is the latest findings regarding the company's interactive with their users, including in respect of the improvements in audio chat rooms to users of Vista. The Yahoo has launched late last year pilot version of the Yahoo Messenger "Yahoo Messenger 9.0", which gives the possibility of loading large files, in addition to the message service moment. The Yahoo service similar to existing services and networks acquaintance swap media files such as adding a photo to the vicinity of the names on the list of contacts and exchanging photos and videos through the window letter.

As a joint service can transform messages from computers to mobile phones in the absence of their presence in front of the computer screen. New improvements comes as a reaction against the new discovery of a loophole in the program could allow for malicious hacking uses to penetrate the organs and exploitation, has been published the first details of this loophole in a Chinese security sites, has admitted that security officials after the company Yahoo existence of that gap, according to a security report published site Company rewards on the Internet.

Gregg says security analyst Dai reward UK company that so far has not been published any code to exploit the gap in the issuance of of the programme, which will be reopened when a person accepts an invitation to use the web camera, allowing the implementation of orders and download harmful code from the Internet again . And advised the company that refuses to reward users of the Yahoo chat immediate acceptance of any invitations to watch the camera web users who so unreliable company Yahoo bridging that gap, and users are advised to prevent any files that pass through the port TCP No. 5100, which regards the work programme.

In a related development, Yahoo announced the newly unveiled on the latest techniques that help designers and managers of Internet sites to show their positions in the results pages of major search engines International Network, a programme called "Serc Monaki" and allows for components of sites such as photos, links and brief price data, statistics and other Running directly on the pages of search results. It allows reduced data that appear in search results page user's first impression about the composition of the contents of the site even before entering it for browsing  digg  newsvine  furl  Y!  smarking  segnalo