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Jun 2008 
Do you will abandon the mouse and keyboard?!!

With the arrival in 2010 will be able Alitharik what people have on personal computers through their fingers touching the screen as I mentioned Microsoft. According to the report, claiming technological section "Times", the British Microsoft decided to put an end to the use of mouse (mouse) the emergence of the latest system Operation of the computer, which depends Alievl operating system and the success of rival company Apple, which operates touch screen

Since the system and Windows 7 will help personal computer users to work it through and not touching the reference and using a mouse click, which indicates that the global software company believes that the use of mouse and keyboard has a boat to an end.

  But some critics say that Microsoft is still far from application and replacing the current system for operating computers, who has been discovered by researchers Xerox Corporation during the seventies of the twentieth century. It is unclear to what extent will accept workers in offices and computer users in homes abandoned the idea of writing skills learned and decide to start dealing with the images on a large screen for your computer.

He says Bill Gates, the chairman of the Microsoft at a conference in California this week: that the way in which it deals with the operating system would change significantly. At the present time depends dealing with the operating system to use both the mouse and keyboard. But it is expected that users deal with the operating system expected to talk through and through the use of the Registry in addition to kissing a means of dealing with the computer.

But Roberta Khoza, known Analyst says: The use of the touch with mobile telephones may be something useful in implementing the tasks easily and quickly, but with the computer, this will require you to lift his arm every time to deal with the computer through the screen width of 17 inches, making it difficult .  digg  newsvine  furl  Y!  smarking  segnalo