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Jun 2008 
A computer to read your thoughts!!!

American researchers said they are working on making computers can help them eventually to read the technical survey to identify the brain and what he is thinking of Rights. The researchers at Carnegie Mellon University that the computer developed by both the world of computers and Professor Tom Mitchell in neuroscience and perception Marcel Just can sign forms the brain activity associated with the names of the things that one can see or hear or feel or taste or Shamma, using functional magnetic resonance techniques Or fMRI.

He said Mitchell, who is president of the computer science department at the university, culture, "We believe that we have identified a number of basic building blocks used by the brain when presenting the meanings." He added: "These blocks can be collected to help us sign forms nervous activity relating to any name." The researchers pointed out that this study published in Science magazine, could be used in dealing with autism and Hezovrnia and some other mental illness  digg  newsvine  furl  Y!  smarking  segnalo